The Cold War Stuffs Why is it called Cold War? Many people are wondering why the war is known as the COLD WAR? The best answer is because the two countries, United States of America and USSR never actually fight directly. But, it doesn’t mean that there were no fights, deaths, causalities, bomb attacks, and […]

America in the Civil War

America has become part of some devastating battles over her long history. World War I and The second world war were considerably difficult disputes and ones that taxed the country’s resources to the maximum. However, none of those conflicts can compare to The Civil War not only for the brutality and destruction of human life […]

Hobby that Honors the Past:Bullet Collecting

Civil Battle Bullet Compiling: A Pastime that Recognizes recent Source: Flickr Did you recognize that throughout the Public War, much more than 1000 various kinds of bullets were actually made use of? This is one main reason Civil Battle bullet picking up has actually come to be a prominent pastime. An additional main reason is […]