About Us

“We are in danger of taking the most significant anniversary in American history and using it as a means of giving ourselves a bright and colorful holiday. How the Civil War soldier fought his battles is no doubt worth examining, but infinitely more important is a consideration of why he fought and what he accomplished. Lay on the sentiment, the romance, and the dramatic appeal slowly enough, and we shall presently forget that the war was fought by real living men who were deeply moved by thoughts and emotions of overwhelming urgency.” – Jason Harris.

What We Do

The mission of the Alexanders Battalion Organization is to collect, preserve, interpret, reenact and promote the history of American Civil War and therefore the history may remain alive to every American Citizen and to the generations to come.

Our Purpose of the Organization is educational:
to investigate and study the history of American Civil War and vicinity;
to preserve, advance and disseminate knowledge of the history of the region;
to acquire, mark, and conserve historical sites;
to collect, preserve and display papers, books, records, relics and other items of historical interest;
to identify and protect historical buildings;
to cooperate with and assist the various Historical Commission in its acquisition, maintenance and operation of historical sites and buildings.
Our Purpose of the Organization is Recreational.
•    To successfully re-enact the most important events in the history of American Civil War
•    To combined as many reenactors as possible to make great pieces of re-enactment
•    To target more audience who shares the same passion for History.

Who We Are

We are your average people in the society that share the same passion for the history of American Civil War. We exchange all the information, time and resources to produce a re-enactment of all the important events of the past. We aim to spark the heart of every individual especially the young ones to appreciate the moral values and the knowledge of knowing the history. May it not disappear in the future to come.