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IRAQ War Lesson

Remembering the most importamt IRAQ War Lesson

March 2012 marks the 14th anniversary of the United States intrusion of Iraq. Despite your views on the knowledge of that choice, it’s reasonable to state that the outcomes were not exactly what many Americans anticipated. Now that the war is formally over fourteen years ago and many US forces have withdrawn. What lessons do Americans (and others) draw from the experience? There are numerous lessons that a person may discover, however we have the best Lesson from the Iraq War.

REMARKS: 1.7 Trillion Dollars LOST.

Best Lesson Learned: The United States lost. The very first and crucial lesson of Iraq war is that we didn’t win in any significant sense of that term. The supposed function of the war was removing Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. However, it ends up he didn’t have any. Oops. Then the reasoning moved to developing a pro-American democracy, however, Iraq today is at finest a quasi-democracy and far from pro-American. The damage of Iraq enhanced Iran’s position in the Persian Gulf– which is barely something the United States planned– and the expenses of the war (quickly going beyond 1.7 trillion dollars) are much larger than U.S. leaders expected or assured. The war was likewise a massive diversion, which diverted the Bush administration from other concerns and made the United States much less popular worldwide.

This lesson is necessary since fans of the war are currently marketing a revisionist variation. In this counternarrative, the 2007 rise was a big success (it wasn’t since it cannot produce political settlement) and Iraq is now on the road to steady and flourishing democracy. And the expenses weren’t truly that bad. Another version of this misconception is the concept that President George W. Bush and Gen. David Petraeus had actually “won” the war by 2008. However, President Obama then lost it by going out early. This view overlooks that the Bush administration worked out the 2008 Status of Forces contract that set the schedule for U.S. withdrawal, and Obama could not remain in Iraq once the Iraqi federal government made it clear it desired us out.

Is the False Story clear?

The threat of this false story is apparent: If Americans pertain to see the war as a success– which it plainly wasn’t–, they might continue to pay attention to the recommendations of its supporters and be more likely to duplicate comparable errors in the future.

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