Longstreet’s Corps Artillery is one of the fastest growing artillery organizations in the reenacting hobby today.  Our membership is drawn from a community of capable and enthusiastic men and women from many racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds from both North and South who have committed themselves to a mission of professionalism as living historians and accuracy in reenacting. We are not professional actors or actresses, but professional living historians from all walks of life who have a serious interest in authenticity, safety, and our duty to an accurate portrayal of an artillery corps during the period of the War Between the States. We strive for historical accuracy in the re-creation of many of the roles individuals played during the War: civilian, soldier, musician, surgeon, nurse, cook, and clergy.

Longstreet’s Corps Artillery accepts only established War Between the States artillery reenactment units as members in our “family”of reenactors. This membership means that you have been selected by your peers as an outstanding organization within the reenacting community.  We do not solicit candidates for membership from other affiliated organizations, but probe for new, high-quality and independent organizations wishing to unite with the fastest growing and safest artillery organization today. Additionally, we are committed to both the independence and individuality of member units, as this is also an accurate portrayal of the War period, and it embodies our dedication to democratic principles. Our goal is to provide a sound leadership and organizational structure for individual reenactors and units to enjoy the hobby and to prosper while honoring the memories of our Confederate and Union heroes—Americans all.

Background music is “Castles in the Air” , General Longstreet’s favorite piece.  For more information on the melody click on the sheet music icon.